The judges will score the contestants from 0-10 in each of the five criteria.


  • 0        Not demonstrated
  • 1-2     Poor
  • 3-4     Moderate
  • 5        Average
  • 6-7     Good
  • 8-9     Excellent
  • 10      Superior                              

Scoring criteria
The judges will score on the following criteria

  • Artistic impression - engaging the audience, stage presence, expressing your personality, and appearance (including costume, hair and makeup).
  • Technical skills - level of difficulty, quality of steps, completing the movements.
  • Flow and posture - the actual dancing skills, including flow, transitions, poise and arms.
  • Musicality - understanding the music (rhythm and style), interpreting the music (emotionally expressing the feelings of the music).
  • Choreography - level of difficulty.

In addition to marking the dancers, the judges will write constructive feedback, to help dancers improve different aspects of their performance.